Parish Involvement

Parish Involvement
    What are Home Visitors?
  • Home visitors bring Holy Communion to our parishioners who are shut-ins. These ministers visit 1-3 parishioners either weekly or monthly. If you would like to help with this ministry, please contact Sister Marie at the rectory.
    What do Greeters do?
  • Every weekend mass, greeters are there to welcome worshippers to our church. Greeters also welcome newcomers and help them find their way around our church. If you would like to be a greeter, please call the rectory to volunteer.
    What are Donuts on Sunday?
  • Our parish encourages our parishioners to gather and greet each other. Between the Sunday masses, we gather and visit in the church's Multi-Purpose Room for coffee, donuts and fellowship. It's a great way to relax and catch up! If you would like to help, please contact Jan MacKay.
    How does the church get cleaned?
  • That is a great question! Our parishioners, in groupssuch as families, take turns vaccuuming and straightening the church each weekend. Each group's turn occurs approximately every 3-4 months. Call the rectory at 614-267-3406 to add your name or group added to the list.
    What are the Funeral Luncheons?
  • Our parish provides lunch after funerals at no cost for the bereaved families. We always need servers and donations of food. Please call Mary Kay Mulligan at 614-267-9142 if you would like to help.
    What do Money Counters do?
  • Our parish money counters take turns once a month, counting the Sunday donations. We always need people for this task.
    I like Garage Sales! How can I help with the Parish Garage Sale?
  • Our parish holds a very successful garage sale each year in late July. We need people to donate items, sort and display these treasures, market the sale and help shoppers the days of the sale. And we always need parishioners to bring their friends and shop, shop, shop!
    How can I help with the Parish Fish Fries?
  • Our parish hosts Fish Fries every Friday during Lent in the Parish School Gym from 4-7pm. Cashiers, servers, cooks, kitchen help and buspeople are needed during the Fish Fries. Set-up volunteers are needed before the dinner and tear-down volunteers are needed after the dinner is over.
    How do the Gift Certificate Sales help the Parish?
  • Gift Certificates for Giant Eagle are sold before and after the weekend masses at the Welcome Tables. They are also available through the school and rectory offices during the weekend. The parish earns money on each certificate sold. Additionally, parishioners can also sign up through Kroger's Community Rewards Program at, to earn rewards for the parish. Our number is #80400.